A Journal For Passion and Gratitude by Julissa Calderón

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So, what is Manifesting anyway?



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an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea. 

What has your life goals been the last five years? Where are you now with those goals? Have you ever written them down? Do you even remember them? To me writing down  what you want out of life is like writing out the script to your life! You are the producer, writer, and director of YOUR life film! You manifest the moment you put those thoughts on paper. You allow the universe to conspire with your desires and making them come true! What are you waiting for?! Go make the Oscar award winning movie of the best life you’ve ever seen…


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Journal and Bundle

About Julissa


Julissa Calderón is a Dominican-American actress, producer, and writer from Miami, FL.  She stars in the hit Netflix show GENTEFIED. Before her rise in Hollywood, Julissa worked many jobs, most times, she worked more than one simultaneously. Waitressing was always one of them as it allowed her to have a flexible schedule to be able to audition. Prior to that she lived in Gainesville, FL where she received her education from the University of Florida; it was there where she found her love for journaling. Having come from humble beginnings she attributes her success and all that she has from her “I can manifest everything I want in life” mindset.

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Julissa's 2017 Testimony

This testimony video is from when Julissa was a digital content creator. It captures how one thing she wrote in 2015 came full circle for her in 2016. It allowed her to realize she manifested her own destiny without truly knowing it; this is where she came to understand the power of writing things down in her life.