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About Julissa


Julissa Calderón is a Dominican-American actress, producer, and writer from Miami, FL.  She stars in the hit Netflix show GENTEFIED. Before her rise in Hollywood, Julissa worked many jobs, most times, she worked more than one simultaneously. Waitressing was always one of them as it allowed her to have a flexible schedule to be able to audition. Prior to that she lived in Gainesville, FL where she received her education from the University of Florida; it was there where she found her love for journaling. Having come from humble beginnings she attributes her success and all that she has from her “I can manifest everything I want in life” mindset.

She doesn’t just say these things to say them, she lives by this mantra. That, and everything happens for a reason! Julissa has been the keynote speaker in over a dozen colleges, universities, and corporations sharing her story. She now lives in Los Angeles, CA where she believes she’s just getting started in her career. As an Afro-Latina she’s constantly educating the masses on what that term means and one of her greatest goals is to open the door and keep the doors open that were never meant to be closed, to her people.

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