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MANIFEST That Sh*t Journal with a hard cover, matte finish and gold foil.

MANIFEST That Sh*t Journal

$34.99 Regular Price
$27.99Sale Price
  • This 184-page journal is perfect for you. Manifesting isn’t just writing things down on a piece of paper and walking away. Manifesting is an art-it’s writing things down, saying them, and truly believing you are worthy of them! Everything you want in life is at your fingertips, you just have to have the faith and do the work. I can pinpoint in my 10 years plus of journaling so many things that I am living now. I believe writing your wants and desires down is so powerful; it’s truly like magic! Whatever you want you can have, I hope I am a testament of that for you. So dig deep, be present, write it down, and MANIFEST THAT SH*T!


    JOURNAL SIZE:  7in x 9in

    COVER: hard cover, matte finish with gold foil.

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